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All about Bedugul

Nestled in Bali’s central highlands, Bedugul is famous for its cool weather, peaceful ambiance, and beautiful scenery. Highlights include Lake Bratan, home to the iconic Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. Visitors can enjoy boating, hiking, and exploring local markets filled with handicrafts and fresh produce. Bedugul is the perfect escape for those seeking tranquility amidst Bali’s natural beauty.

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Best Things to Do in Bedugul

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Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Bedugul is from April to October during the dry season, offering sunny days, cooler temperatures, and less rain. It’s ideal for outdoor activities such as exploring Lake Bratan, hiking, and enjoying the botanical gardens. To avoid crowds, consider visiting in April, May, September, or October, as July and August are peak tourist months.

Getting Around:

Getting around Bedugul is simple with taxis, or by renting a scooter or car for flexibility. Keep in mind that roads in Bedugul can be narrow and winding, so drive cautiously, especially if you’re not familiar with the area. For safety and a more structured experience, consider renting a car with a driver or joining guided tours to explore Bedugul’s attractions while learning more about the area.

Tips for a Great Stay:

Unlike other places in Bali, Bedugul is a bit cooler, so it’s a good idea to bring along some warm clothes for comfort. Consider visiting nearby attractions while being in this area for a fuller experience.

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